Saturday, June 28, 2008

Friday at ALA

Friday at ALA was a busy day for this jet lagged woman. The morning was spent at Doug Johnson's Eating Elephant 2.0. He really is a good speaker. He went over several web 2.0 applications. I have used most of them and heard of others. But the real juice for me was the sharing portion. We were able to interact with the other participants and hear their stories and concerns. I got a lot out of those discussions. Some points I had not thought of since I have not encountered them. We also talked about ethical considerations and concerns. This part is usually left out in the workshops I've attended before. Good stuff.

I went to YALSA's Turn Teens onto Reading workshop in the afternoon. I finally got to meet Joni Bodart. What a thrill. She shared a couple of booktalks with us. Wow, from the pro!! Walter Mayes was on the panel and it was great catching up with him again. He did an awesome presentation about what booktalking is like in a middle school. So true!! The other presenters were great as well. I finally got to see one of the digital picture frames in action. Cool stuff. I doubt I'll ever get one for my library but what you can do with it is awesome!

Ran into Linda Braun between sessions and said a quick hello. We got to talk about some interesting stuff. And then she videotapped me for her Simmons class. Just a quick video. She is doing some quick interviews for her class. Boy do I wish I had brought my Flip. I can't believe I forgot it. Should I run out and buy another?

Last night was AASL Affiliate Assembly. We mainly worked on fine tuning action plans to be voted on during Sunday's meeting. The east coast crowd was fading fast (especially me) but we got the work done.

Today I start out with a workshop on collaboration. I am then going to All Committee for the YALSA Tech meeting. Then off to the vendors. I haven't decided what to attend this afternoon but I am definitely going to the Disney bash tonight. If I can stay awake long enough!!

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