Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer reading

Yesterday was the first day for kids to sign up for summer reading at the city library. What a mob scene!! It was so great to see all those little kids so excited about being in the library. My daughter and I took the grandsons so they could sign up. They weren't all that interested in signing up -- they just wanted to look at all the books. They finally tore themselves away from the books long enough to tack their koalas into the outback. Now they are working on getting their bears some leaves to eat. If kids are less interested in books, please don't tell Aiden and Jordan. They love books!!

Today's podcast is Sarah Thompson's Dragon's Egg.

“I am Damien Damerson,” the man said, bending forward slightly in what seemed a courtly little bow, even from his seat on a low stool. A pendant around his neck, what looked like a narrow arc of white ivory on a golden chain, swung loose, and he tucked it back inside his shirt. “Knight of the Order of Defenders.” “Defenders?” Da asked skeptically. “Defenders against what?” Damien lifted one eyebrow. “Against dragons, of course.” In Mella’s world, dragons are commonplace—but who would need defending against them? They are small, domesticated reptiles raised to produce eggs. Of course, there are the old tales that describe the dangerous, fire-breathing monsters of old, but no one really believes they existed---or did they? After stumbling across a large egg-shaped object, and the enormous winged reptile that lies dying to protect it, Mella is forced to reconsider her beliefs, and makes a promise that will propel her into adventures and dangers she never dreamed of. Join Mella in her quest to return the Dragon’s Egg to its rightful place in the kingdom. (New Hampshire Great Stone Face nominee, 2008-2009)


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