Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Today's podcast 12/02/2014

  • Robbins, Trina. HEDY LAMARR AND A SECRET COMMUNICATION SYSTEM New York : Capstone, 2007 IL 5-8, RL 4.0 ISBN 0736864792 Have you ever heard of Hedy Lamarr? Maybe not. She was a famous actress back in the 1940s. She was originally from Austria but escaped to the United States and began starring in movies in glamorous roles. Because she was so beautiful, no one thought that she was more than a pretty face and good actress. Little did people know that she was also very bright. During World War II, Hedy was concerned that the Germans had developed a way to block radio signals from American torpedoes. These signals guided the missiles. Hedy came up with an idea to fix that. Although her idea was not used during the war, her spread spectrum communications is used in cell phones, wireless Internet, mobile health systems, bar code scanning and even satellite guided missiles. Learn about this remarkable woman.

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