Monday, December 22, 2014

Today's podcast 12/22/2014

  • Klise, Kate. LETTERS FROM CAMP New York : Harper, 2000 IL 5-8, RL 6.4 ISBN 0380793482 Told in a series of letters, memos, receipts, and ledger pages. Three sets of siblings are off to Camp Happy Harmony. Brisket Roast whose father says is as lazy as a slug and his sister, Barbie Q. who is as spirited as a mustang. Charlie and Charlotte Lee who are described as wonderful kids who are liked by everyone except each other. Ivan and Mimi Gems who have no social skills and won’t go to bed but stay in their rooms for hours. The counselors are also siblings and used to appear in the singing group The Harmonys. They have advertised their camp as specializing in sibling relationships. For the next four weeks, the children will learn to get along. Sounds perfect. Things are not what they seem.

  • Kehret, Peg. TERROR AT THE ZOONew York : Puffin, 2001IL 5-8, RL 4.6ISBN 0142300284Ellen was just given the best birthday present ever.  Well, she has to share it with her little brother but that is fine.  Together with their grandparents, they are going to camp out at the zoo for the night!  They both love the zoo and have spent lots of time there.  But never at night.  They will be staying with their grandparents anyway since their parents will be away.  This is going to be just about perfect.  But then there is a change of plans.  Grandmother has broken her leg and can’t go camping.  But it will fine since their parents have changed their plans and now will be home to share the camping trip.  When the time arrives, their parents aren’t home.  The plane has been delayed.  The grandparents have gone to the hospital to have grandma’s leg reset.  Fearing they will have to miss the camping trip, Ellen and Corey decide to take a taxi to the zoo and wait for their parents there.  They leave a note so their parents will know to meet them at the zoo.  When they get to the zoo, their parents aren’t there and the coordinator is anxious to leave since her daughter is having a baby.  Corey lies and says his parents have just pulled up.  Now everyone is gone and Ellen and Corey are alone in the zoo.        

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