Saturday, December 20, 2014

Today's podcast 12/20/2014

  • Hunter, Erin. A HIDDEN ENEMY New York : Harper, 2013 IL 5-8, RL 5.5 ISBN 0062102605 Lucky has rejoined the pack of Leashed Dogs in the start of the second book of the Survivors series. Lucky still wants to be a Lone Dog but he knows that the Leashed Dogs need him and they may not survive without his help. His litter mate Bella is doing her best to lead the dogs but there are dangers out there that she has never encountered. She is a smart dog and has a plan that involves Lucky. She wants him to join the Wild Pack and find out what they are up to. If they are willing to share the water and the hunting, there is plenty for both groups to live in the valley. What Lucky finds is a brutal pack system. The Alpha dog is actually part wolf and he rules with an iron paw. His partner is Beta who is actually Sweet who Lucky knew in the city. Lucky is able to join the pack and finds out what time they are at the water and when they hunt. He returns to his Leashed Pack and tells Bella what he has learned. She is happy with the news but tells Lucky to remain with the Wild Pack. Lucky is reluctant but does what Bella asks. Just what is going on here?

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