Friday, December 19, 2014

Today's podcast 12/19/2014

  • Hunter, Erin. THE EMPTY CITY New York : Harper, 2012 IL 5-8, RL 5.2 ISBN 0062102575 Book 1 in the Survivors series introduces us to Lucky. Lucky is a Lone Dog. He has been caught and is in a kennel when a major earthquake hits. The story is told from Lucky’s point of view and he uses his words to describe his environment. Humans are longpaws and the earthquake is the Big Growl. Only one other dog survived in the kennel. Lucky is a Lone Dog but he takes Sweet into the city in search of food. What they find is total destruction. The buildings have collapsed and the longpaws have run away. Sweet decides she needs to find other dogs but Lucky wants to go it alone. When he is attacked by a group of foxes in a mall, a small group of dogs comes to his rescue. What will Lucky do now?

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  • Holing, Dwight. THE SECRETS OF CORAL REEFS New York : London Town Press, 2005 IL 3-6, RL 7.3 ISBN 0976613433 Coral reefs are found in many different oceans. They are known for their beauty and diversity of inhabitants. This expository text explains how the reefs are created and introduces the reader to some of the inhabitants. Many creatures call the coral reefs home. This book is filled with facts and photographs of the coral reefs and the animals who live there. There is information about how to save this ecosystem included.

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