Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Today's podcast 12/23/2014

  • Lawson, Robert. THE GREAT WHEEL New York : Walker, 2004 IL 5-8, RL 6.5 ISBN 0802777058 Cornelius Terence Kilroy, better known as Conn, is a young boy growing up in Ireland in the late 1800s. His family is poor and there is not much hope that Conn will have a better life. When the letter arrives from America, this all changes. Uncle Michael is living in New York and has a prospering construction business. But he has all daughters and hoped his brother would become his partner. But Uncle Patrick has other ideas and no liking for the city life. So Conn is his next hope. He is sending money for Conn to come to America and work in the family business. Conn is both excited and scared. On the ship to America, Conn meets a young girl from Germany. Trudy is going to live with her Uncle Otto in Wisconsin. Conn tells her of his aunt’s prophecy years ago that said Conn would follow the sun to the west and ride a huge wheel. Trudy says she hopes he will find his way to Wisconsin. In New York, Conn learns his uncle’s business quickly and becomes accustomed to the city life. When Uncle Patrick comes to visit, Conn is given a chance for another adventure. Will he leave to start again? And will his aunt's prophecy come true?

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