Sunday, January 11, 2015

Today's podcast 01/11/2015

  • Uchida, Yoshiko. JOURNEY HOME New York : Aladdin, 1992 IL 3-6, RL 5.3 ISBN 0689716419 The world is at war again and for Yoki and her family, even living in the United States is not safe for them. The family has been forced to leave their home in California because of their Japanese heritage. It is against the law for Asians to live along the coast. The family was moved to a detention camp in the desert of Nevada. Life was hard, but eventually the family was allowed to relocate to Utah. They have lost just about everything they had before the war. Her father has had to take menial work and her mother now works as a cleaning lady. Her brother has joined the army and is fighting in Europe. Yuki won’t give up hope of returning to her home in Berkeley. When the war ends and the family is told they can go home, Yuki is so excited. But reality is not what she expected. Her father can’t get his old job back. Their house is now rented out to a new family. Her best friend has moved on and now has new friends. And her brother has been injured in the war and is in a hospital in Washington. How will the family be able to start anew after living through so much?

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