Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Today's podcast 01/14/2015

  • Wescott, Shelbi. VARIABLES North York, ON : Arthur Press, 2014 IL YA ISBN 1496014510 In the last book of the series, we find the groups getting ready to move to their new homes. The underground System is being left behind. There are several islands that have been built to house the new utopian society. When the assignments are given, several families find that they are assigned to the island home that is not ready. They are to stay behind in the System while everyone else begins their new lives in beautiful new societies. When Lucy and her family arrive at their new home, they find a remarkable community with amazing views. But Lucy can't be happy because Grant has been left behind and will be shipped to the last island when it is finished. Her father tried to get Grant transferred but was not successful. Lucy feels that something is just not right about all this. Huck is getting more and more controlling and it is becoming obvious that you don't go against Huck or there are consequences. Even before the move to the islands, one of the Systems dared to question him and all their power was shut off. And there are whispers of discontent even on the governing board. With Huck in total control, what can the survivors do but go along with his every demand. But what happens when his actions become known?

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