Monday, January 12, 2015

Today's podcast 01/12/2015

  • Wescott, Shelbi. VIRULENT North York, ON : Arthur Press, 2013 IL YA ISBN 061576617X Lucy King is not having a great day. Her family is about to go on a vacation of a lifetime and yet her teachers are giving her grief for missing school. They are probably just jealous. But things are not what they seem. Little could anyone know what is really going on. On the day of their trip, Lucy and her brother Ethan sneak out and are left behind. And now the world is going crazy. People are dropping dead all over. And Lucy is stuck in lockdown at school. That doesn't stop the virus and teachers and students begin to die quickly. By the end of the day, most of the world's population has died. Lucy is among the few that are still alive. They must find a way out of the school and try to figure out what is happening. As days pass, things become more desperate and when the kids finally get out of the school, they come face to face with the enormity of the situation. Who is behind this? And how will it end?

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