Monday, January 26, 2015

Today's podcast 01/26/2015

  • Winters, Ben H. THE LAST POLICEMAN New York : Quirk Books, 2012 IL AD ISBN 1594746745 When Detective Henry Palace is called to the scene of an apparent suicide, he is not surprised. New Hampshire has become the scene of numerous hangings since the word came that the world is about to end. A large meteor is on a collision path with Earth and there is now a 100% chance that it will hit and end our world. Since then, people have been opting out in a variety of ways. Some choose suicide. Some decide to chuck it all and work on their bucket list. But Henry Palace has chosen to stay on the job and try to do his best. So when he arrives at the scene, he doesn't assume suicide. As a matter of fact, he suspects that the man was murdered. And Henry sets out to solve the case. Along the way, he comes up against those he don't think it is even worth the investigation. After all, in a few months, everyone will be dead. But it is important to Henry to solve this crime. This is the first of a trilogy.

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