Thursday, April 24, 2008

A day for singing

The beautiful weather continues. Yesterday it was sunny and in the 80s. It is not supposed to be as nice today but I'll take it. After a very long winter, the sunshine makes you want to sing.

Today's podcast is for a picture book biography. Antonia Vivaldi had always wanted to play music and compose. But his parents had other ideas and forced him to become a priest instead. But you just can't stop the music!

Shefelman, Janice Jordan. I, VIVALDI

Antonio Vivaldi lived a very long time ago. He was a priest in Italy but he was also a composer. Even as a young child, music was his passion but his parents had decided that he would become a priest. But he wasn't a very devoted priest and he was eventually put in charge of a group of orphans and taught them to play the violin. Here he was able to follow his dreams of composing and performing music.

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