Monday, April 28, 2008

Another great character from Spinelli

I just love the quirky characters in Jerry Spinelli's books. He is the master of the odd but lovable kid. In his new book, Smiles To Go, we fall in love with the science geek and his friends.

Spinelli, Jerry. SMILES TO GO

Spinelli, Jerry. SMILES TO GO

Meet Will Tuppence. High school science geek. He and his best friends Mi-Su and BT, play Monopoly and eat pizza and have their own rituals. But now Will has realized that he has feelings for Mi-Su. "It came to me during biology lab today. She was at another table, leaning over her fetal pig, and I couldn't stop staring at her." But it seems as if BT does also. The only person Will can turn to for advice is five year old neighbor Korbet Finn who just happens to be in love with Will's little sister Tabby.

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