Monday, April 21, 2008

Patriot's Day

It's Patriot's Day! Well, not really. It isn't celebrated here in NH but since I'm from Massachusetts, I'll celebrate anyway. The marathon is in progress and I'm watching the Red Sox morning game. The weather is gorgeous and I have the day off. Perfect.

I've been enjoying just relaxing and reading. But this can't go on much longer. I need to gear up for the last class in the course I'm teaching for URI. And there are labs to grade for the course I'm teaching at NHTI. And I should be studying for those GREs coming up.

Today's podcast is for a biography of Jack Gantos. I enjoyed reading about his life and how it influenced his writing. I'm sure the kids will enjoy it too!


The subtitle of this book is "an author kids love". Well, I'll tell you, he is an author grown-ups love too! I know he is one of my favorite authors. I just love his Joey Pigza books. And his Rotten Ralph books. And all the others. This is the story of Jack Gantos' real life. What he was like growing up. And where he gets his great ideas.

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