Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Spring arrives?

After a record breaking winter, I think spring might just be coming! It is a beautiful day today with temps in the 50s. Most of the snow has melted. Our backyard still has a couple of feet of snow but the sunny spots are now just mud.

It is time our thoughts turn to vacation! And this is just the book to read when you are thinking that way!



What did your family do on their last vacation? Maybe visit Disney World. Or travel to a relative's house? Or go to the beach? The mountains? Well, the boy in this book thinks those kinds of vacations would be ideal. His family has a very different idea of what makes a great family vacation. Like the time they encountered alligators in the Okefenokee swamp. Or when they had to dodge gunfire in Mexico on New Year's eve. And usually thing go wrong for the unlucky family. Join them on some unusual vacation experiences. And maybe next time you are dragged into a museum, you might just feel a bit differently about it.

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