Friday, April 18, 2008

Texas Library Association Conference

I had a wee bit of problem getting into Dallas yesterday. There was some really nasty weather and our plane was diverted to Kansas City. We spent several hours in KC before we finally got to Dallas. I dropped into bed at 3:00 AM!! But I was up and at the conference by 8:00. I went to a couple of workshops but couldn't stay for the whole time as I really only had one workshop time slot to sample the offerings. I tried to stay out of the vendor area since I knew I'd end up picking up some new books that I would then have to carry home. But the layover in KC meant that I finished one book. I have one for the ride home but I always like to have a backup just in case of delays. So I did go to the vendors and picked up books! I picked up On Rough Seas by Nancy Hull, the sequel to The Mysterious Benedict Society, Hurricane by Terry Trueman (the book, not an ARC!) and Moose: a memoir of fat camp by Stephanie Klein. I think I am all set for any airline delays that may come tomorrow!

My session was very well attended. When I first looked at the room, I was shocked by the number of chairs. I figured they wouldn't all be filled but they were. And there were some people standing as well. I love Texas! I got to put some faces to names and met some wonderful librarians.

One of the books that our 6th graders all read is Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelson. And they were thrilled when they found out that there is a sequel. I've lent my ARC to the teachers and they are taking turns doing it as a read aloud.


Cole is back from the island. He has learned so much during his time in Alaska about himself. But now he is back in high school and not feeling as in control as he was. He and Peter are bullied and it seems that everything is stacked against him. But if he gets into any more trouble, he'll be put into juvenile detention. Can Cole use what he has learned from the Spirit Bear to survive in the world?

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