Tuesday, August 05, 2008

First day of doctoral studies

I survived my first day of my doctoral studies. Only four years to go!! The program at Rivier is designed to be a bit different than traditional programs and I chose it for that reason. There are so many opportunities for us to follow our interests. I am really looking forward to being in the program. The cohort group is amazing. There are so many interesting, accomplished educators. I am anxious to get to know them and learn from them all.

Today's podcast is for a retelling of a classic fairy tale. Give it a read!


This tale may sound a bit familiar. A beautiful princess is born and a huge party is thrown for her. The fairies each wish her happiness. All except for Beebo the fairy. She is furious about not being invited to the party so she places a curse on the baby. "When this babe turns sixteen, she will be run over by a pie wagon and die!" But Tintinnitus the fairy is a bit hard of hearing and changes the curse into something completely different.


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