Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One week to the start of school

Only one more week of summer vacation. If it seems shorter this year, it is. We had to go a week later in June due to all the snow days. The summer flew by even faster than usual. I think my grandson Aiden is the only one excited about school starting next week. He is going into Kindergarten! We just found out that he will not be going the first day of school. They are having half the class go on Tuesday and the other half on Wednesday. So, he will have to wait another day. I hope we can keep his enthusiasm up for many years.

Yesterday's podcast was for the new Fancy Nancy book. I love Fancy Nancy -- and not just because of her name! The vocabulary used in the books is wonderful as are the stories. And the illustrations. This is just the kind of book I would have treasured as a little one.


Fancy Nancy and her friend Bree are planning the most extraordinary birthday party. It will be a butterfly party. Whenever Nancy and Bree see a butterfly, they say "Bonjour" -- that's French for "hello". Nancy is so excited about Bree's party. She has her butterfly outfit all planned. But then her mother tells her something bad. They are going away that weekend and Nancy can't go to Bree's party. Now Nancy scowls and sulks and storms around the house.


Today's podcast if for Kimberly Pauley's first book. And it is a vampire book. You just can't have too many of these. The girls just eat them up. Take a bit out of this one.

Pauley, Kimberly. SUCKS TO BE ME

Most teen girls have to worry about who they are going to the prom with and maybe where they will be going to college. At that age, the whold world is open and there isn't a real hurry to decide your future. Unless you are Mina Hamilton. You see, she comes from a very different family and now she is told that she has just about a month to decide what her future will be. To help her make up her mind, she has been enrolled in special classes that explain what she will need to consider. What she will need to know to become a vampire like her parents.


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