Friday, August 01, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!

Ah summer birthdays. I like having a summer birthday and having the day to do what I want to do. Since I have summers off, I have this luxury. The weather is great today and I plan to just relax and enjoy myself.

The local Borders store will be staying open late tonight. I'm sure it is just for my birthday even though some people think that it is for the release of Breaking Dawn. I don't think I'll do the party this year. The Harry Potter releases were fun but ...

When Haddix concluded her Shadow Children series, I was a bit sad knowing that I had no
more to look forward to. But now she is back with a new series. The first one is Found and we are introduced to a group of children who appeared out of nowhere and have been adopted -- some unknowingly. There is much intrigue in the story and I can't wait for the next one. I have about a year to wait though.

Haddix, Margaret Peterson. FOUND

"You are one of the missing." "Beware! They're coming back to get you." What would you do if you got these letters in the mail? There is no return address and no way to find out who sent them. Is it a prank? Or should Jonah and Chip worry? Jonah is adopted and he has always known that. But Chip had no idea that he was adopted as well. Why would his parents hide that from him? And now no one is talking. Except for one woman. The woman who witnessed the airplane just appear out of nowhere twelve years ago. Carrying 36 babies -- and no adults. This is the first book in a new series. If you like Haddix's Shadow Children series, be sure to pick this one up and find yourself among the missing.

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