Friday, August 22, 2008

Summer's worth of plans in a day?

Like educators around the world, I have so many plans for the summer. It seems to stretch out before us in June and there are endless little projects that can be finished. Clean the basement, paint the kitchen, finish the bathroom, read, read, read. But then late August arrives and you realize that very few of the projects have been crossed off the list. I have gotten a couple of project finished but certainly not all. And I have not been reading very much. At least for pleasure. I had so much reading due for the start of my doctoral course that it was all I could do to finish all that. That type of reading is so different than reading a fiction book. Or even a memoir. I did managed to get a couple of books read and recorded podcasts.

Today's podcast is for

Rhodes-Courter, Ashley. THREE LITTLE WORDS : A MEMOIR

Ashley entered foster care at the young age of three. Over the next nine years, she and her younger brother were placed in a variety of foster homes. Sometimes together, sometimes apart. Ashley endured 14 placements in nine years. Some of the homes were good, and some were abusive. Through it all, Ashley desperately wanted to believe her mother would return for her. Her mother had promised that they would be back together again. This is the author's true story of her life in the foster care system. Her story of being caught in the system and her desire to live a normal life.

Yesterday, I added a podcast for Alice Schertle's new book

Schertle, Alice. LITTLE BLUE TRUCK

Little Blue Truck rides along the back roads saying hi to all his friends along the way. He is having a great ride. But when the huge dump truck comes by, things change. The dump truck thinks he's too important to stop and say hello to all the animals on the road. But when he gets stuck in the mud, he wishes he had been nicer.

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