Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Calmenson, Stephanie. JAZZMATAZZ!

It's been raining just about all the time this week and I haven't been able to play outside with the grandsons. They are feeling a bit antsy and I know they need some outdoor time. But we've been doing some fun things around the house. And watching the movie Bambie many times. I have no idea why they have suddenly become mesmerized by this movie but they can't get enough of it. Well, it let's me get some work done as I don't feel the need to sit and watch it again -- ever! Anyway, we have been having some fun indoors amusing ourselves with games and singing and dancing. What we really need is Jazzmatazz!

Calmenson, Stephanie. JAZZMATAZZ!

"When the weather gets cold/And a mouse slips in,/A jazzmatazz story/Is sure to begin."

When a mouse sneaks into the house, things are going to get strange. I know if I saw a mouse in my house, I would be screaming and running away. But if it were this mouse, I would just have to join in the fun.

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