Friday, July 25, 2008

Christelow, Eileen. VOTE!

With the elections coming up, we are all trying to get kids to understand the process and well as the stakes. It's hard for kids to see beyond the popularity contest. Actually, some adults can see beyond that either. There are several new kids books about the election process aimed at helping young one understand and take notice. This one is all about voting. If you are interested in helping your kids understand the process, give this one a read.

Christelow, Eileen. VOTE!

The elections are coming up and everywhere you turn, people are asking for your vote. But what does that mean? What is a vote? And who gets to give one? How do you choose who to vote for? How do they raise money to buy ads? Boy, I have a lot of questions. It's a good thing I have this book to give me the answers.

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Anonymous said...

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