Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tuesday at ALA -- last day

Today was the last day of ALA 2008. I went to the morning session -- a conversation with Khaled Hosseini. What a wonderful speaker. It was set up as a q and a with a moderator. Hosseini did a great job with the questions and didn't seem to shy away from any. He was a delight. I wanted to get a signed copy but when I looked at the line, I just couldn't face standing in line that long.

I finally got to spend some time in the exhibits but of course most of them were closing down. I did get to sit in on a few demos and, as usual, wanted everything I saw. If only my budget matched my imagination. I did get a few prizes though. Always like the free stuff. Does anyone know if you can change the message in the ProQuest fan?

I participated in the legislative day and sent emails to my congressmen (yes, they are all men). I got an automated response from one. Nothing from the others. They really should have an automated response. It gives some small sense of satisfaction that at least they got the email! I do have my bright red shirt now though. BTW -- I was wearing last year's "Support Libraries" shirt last week when we stopped at a rest area. A man walked by me and said he didn't want to support libraries. I guess I could have engaged in discourse but you never know if you are talking to a looney or not!

I missed Diane Carroll's closing session. I was in a demo and was actually enjoying it. I did pick up several 1/2 price books at Libraries Unlimited that I wanted but didn't want to spend a lot on. HarperCollins was selling all their stock for $1/each so I dropped some money there also. How can you pass up Fancy Nancy for $1?

Spent the afternoon at Downtown Disney. I have no idea what possessed me. I was looking for treats for the grandkids but went into way too many stores. I was good though and didn't spend a lot!!

Tonight I'll stay in to pack for the trip home tomorrow. I brought a second suitcase so will need to arrange everything into two less-than-55lbs suitcases. I should be ok but it will take a bit of finesse!

Tomorrow I have a ticket for a bus tour of LA. I just couldn't leave LA without seeing the "sites". So I booked the most touristy bus trip I could find. On the Grand Tour, I'll see Hollywood, Mann's Chinese Theatre, Walk of Fame, Sunset Strip, Rodeo Drive, the Hollywood sign, and so much more in 7 glorious hours. I just hope I don't miss my shuttle back to the airport!! My plane leaves a 9:30 and I'll be flying all night. I should be back in NH on Thursday morning. I hope!!

ALA has been fun. I've met some new people and caught up with old friends. I've been challenged and learned new things. I am tired but it was worth it. Until next year -- goodbye ALA.

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