Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Monday at ALA

The day started at the YALSA Technology for Teens poster session. This was sponsored by the committee I'm on and we were excited to see the sessions we invited. The presentations were great. Some amazing things are being done with and for teens around the country. I have lots of pictures that I will post in a few days. (I forgot to bring my camera connection for the computer!) A couple of the presentations were by the teens themselves. Way cool.

I finally got to spend some extended time at the exhibits and grabbed quite a few books. And got quite a few signed. Signings include Brian Selznick, Christopher Paul Curtis, Ellen Levine, Kadir Nelson, Geraldine McCaughrean, AM Jenkins, Roland Smith, Lauren Myracle, and Sherman Alexie. I always seem to follow someone who is very generously getting a signed book for a give away. I never give away the books. If I stand in line, the book is for me!!

I went to a program called Handmade Tales with storyteller Dianne de las Casas. She was quite entertaining. She showed us how to do some cut and tell stories as well as folding bandanas and string tales. I was not proficient in any of them. I don't think I'll be showing off that talent to the kids anytime soon.

I went to the preview showing of Journey to the Center of the Earth sponsored by Walden Media. The staff took my camera away from me on the way in and we were scanned with a metal detector. There was more security for the film than for the exhibit hall. The seats were very comfortable in the theater and I was afraid I'd fall asleep. But all the action in the film made that impossible. I don't dare tell anything about it but I will say that it is in 3D and totally not cheesy. There were a few shots aimed at maximizing the 3D effect but for the most part it was just a movie you felt you were in. Amazing feeling like you are standing next to Brendan Fraser!!! Josh Hutcherson (Bridge to Teribithia) played Brendan's nephew in the movie and he was in the theater to answer questions after the showing. What a presence he has. Only 15 years old but so self assured and poised. The teen girls in the audience were very excited. Probably how the rest of us would have felt if Brendan had benn there!!

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