Monday, July 14, 2008


I spent the day in Massachusetts at Edubloggercon East unconference. What an amazing day. I wish I could go to the whole conference but I am delighted at just being able to go to this one day. I got to meet so many people who I only know virtually. To get to meet them in "real life" what a thrill. We spoke of many things during the day from pedagogy to professional development to assistive technology. I learned so much and also learned that I am keeping up with the big kids as well. We ended the day with a Web 2.0 smack down where participants were able to share a web 2.0 application. Wow, my list is getting longer all the time.

Today's podcast is for Richard Peck's book On the Wings of Heroes. This is yet another nominee for NH Great Stone Face book award.

This is a story of life in America during WWII through the eyes of Davy Bowman. It is a time of sacrifice for American families. Young Davy spends his time collecting scrap metal that will be used to make ammunition and milkweed pods for stuffing life vests for the sailors. During these searches, Davy meets some of the town’s mysterious and cantankerous characters. He meets old Miss Titus, who later becomes his teacher, because of the teacher shortage. As Davy explains, “We weren’t used to a teacher who looked like a walnut with a mustache.” Davy’s carefree and innocent lifestyle is turned upside down by the war. His father is very sad that another war is happening because when he fought in WWI it was supposed to be the “war to end all wars”. Davy’s brother is a bomber pilot and is flying secret and dangerous missions overseas. Find out how Davy copes with everyday life during a war and how he looks up to his heroes. (New Hampshire Great Stone Face nominee, 2008-2009)

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